This Weekend (Feb14th)

Damn..  that week went fast.  I have a 15k run planned for Saturday morning which will include the Varsity Lakes parkrun as the middle 5k.  This is all training for the 3 or 4 half marathons I plan (hope) to do this year.  I wont be running the first until at least the end of April so I have a bit of time up my sleeve to set myself..  :)  I havent set my self any time targets for the Halfs but I will probably look at that after I start doing some speed work in March.  My current training is completely MAF based (maffetone).  Follow the link for more information on a great way to train.

Sunday..  weather permitting (I think more rain is predicted) I will be heading up to the Spit for the NBC 1st comp of the year.  I am really hoping for fine weather but if not I may just do 10k on the treadmill and drink beer for the rest of the day....

Oh..  Happy Valentines day to all...

What plans do you have???

I am back... Sorta

Well..  after a year or more of not doing much surf related stuff due to illness I am finally making my way back into the water.  I have missed greatly the feel of the ocean water on my body.  The wind..  sun..   salt.. all combining to create a backdrop to fun and good times.

I am heading down to the Norths bodyboard club sign on day tomorrow to catch up with a couple of mates and hopefully get back into the water (either with board or camera).

Before I head down I intend to do a 15k run as part of my training regime which has seen me lose a lot of weight over the last year.  I want to continue with the running as I have met some great people and would like to maintain my aerobic fitness.  So it will be hard for me to combine both these sports but I am sure I can have a crack at it.

Hope you all have a great weekend..